Addiction Therapist in Vaughan

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At InnerSight Psychotherapy, we do not treat addictions – we treat human beings. We recognize that people who are struggling with addiction are usually going through a tremendous amount of inner pain resulting from trauma, mental illness, unresolved grief and stress resulting from the curveballs that life sometimes throws our way.

Our goal is to help you explore those underlying difficulties and work towards resolving them. No matter where you are in your addiction and recovery journey, we can help you. Whether you are entering the first stages of recovery, are going through rehab or twelve-step programs, or have several years of sobriety under your belt, we will provide a safe, caring environment that is free from judgment, in which you can begin or continue your recovery.

Addictions are deeply rooted in context and are highly individual in nature. In recognition of this, our addiction treatment programs are customized for each individual. What works for one person may not work for somebody else: we will work with you to find the right approach for you. This may involve a combination of different methodologies, including psychotherapy, group counselling, support programs, meditation, life coaching and more.

Many people tend to think of addiction in terms of drugs and alcohol, but we treat many other kinds of addiction as well, including addictions to gambling, sex, food and exercise. In many ways, these forms of addiction can be just as damaging as drug and alcohol addiction, and we treat them all with the same amount of care and compassion.

There can be a fine line between liking something and being addicted to it. If you are unsure of whether or not you have an addiction problem, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I have frequent uncontrollable cravings for the substance or behaviour?
  • If I do not have access to the substance or behaviour, do I start to panic or feel anxious?
  • Is the substance or behaviour adversely affecting other parts of my life, such as work, school and home life?
  • Am I getting into financial debt or resorting to illegal activity in order to feed my habit?

If you have answered “yes” to any of these questions, we encourage you to come and see us and talk about how we can help you. A better life that is free from addiction is within your reach, and we would love to help you attain that.