Divorce Issues

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Divorce Issues

Nobody goes into a marriage without the expectation that it will last forever, and when couples have difficulties, they usually make attempts to resolve them. This may involve counselling, trial separations and new patterns of behaviour. Unfortunately, in some cases, divorce is the only viable option.

Just as people coming together have to make adjustments to their lives, so do those who have made the decision to part company. Many factors have to be considered, including the following:

  • Care and custody of the children. This includes visitation rights, child support payments and decisions regarding education, spirituality and extracurricular pursuits.
  • Distribution of assets. The couple has to decide who, if anyone, will continue to live in the family home. Vehicles, furniture, financial resources and other assets have to be divided.
  • Physical safety. If one spouse has been abusive to the other, or to the children, protective orders restricting access may be in place.
  • Social life. Many couples have mutual friends, some of whom may take sides.
  • Family pets. If there are pets in the home, the couple has to decide who will keep them.

While it is true that divorce often arises from the actions of one party, such as infidelity or abuse, in many cases it is simply a result of the couple no longer being compatible.

How Our Psychotherapists in Vaughan Can Help You

InnerSight Psychotherapy can help divorcing couples proceed in a way that is beneficial to their emotional wellbeing and that of their children. At a time when many tough decisions have to be made, we can help you work through your feelings of anger, guilt, sadness or disappointment.

We also understand that special considerations have to be made for the children of couples who are divorcing. They are likely to feel varying combinations of sadness, anger, confusion and fear for the future that need to be addressed in a way that allows them to move forward. How children are affected depends on a variety of factors, including their ages, the circumstances surrounding the divorce, the presence of any special needs or medical issues, the nature of sibling relationships, and much more.

At InnerSight Psychotherapy, we can help you work through divorce issues in a caring, compassionate manner that benefits your whole family.

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