Purpose & Meaning in Life

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Purpose & Meaning in Life

No matter who we are, what we do and what our passions are, we like to know that our lives have some kind of meaning that goes beyond simply existing. Because we are all so different from one another, and because the idea of a life’s purpose is driven by the things that make us unique, there is no universal “meaning of life” that applies to everyone.

Furthermore, not everybody feels the need to go through life in search of their higher purpose. They are content to simply live their lives as best they can. They might be motivated by spending time with their loved ones, or simply by being alive.

For other people, finding a purpose or meaning is more important. They might choose careers that save lives or help people who are less fortunate. Some people feel that their purpose is to save the earth from destruction, and others are on a mission to help the world find peace.

There are those who find their fulfilment in religion and spirituality. They dedicate their lives to serving the deity that they worship, and to furthering the tenets of their religion.

But what happens if you feel that you have a higher purpose, but you don’t know what it is? Not everyone grows up knowing that they want to be a teacher, a firefighter or a doctor. Some people spend years traveling or searching for the perfect career, and still don’t discover what they are looking for.

How Our Psychotherapists in Vaughan Can Help You

At InnerSight Psychotherapy, we have counsellors and therapists who can help you on your journey of discovery. Following a gentle, open approach, we will guide you as you explore the activities and ideas that excite or inspire you, make you angry, or give you a sense that some action needs to be taken.

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