Confidence & Self Esteem Issues

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Confidence & Self Esteem Issues

As we go through life, we all experience highs and lows where our confidence is concerned. We feel sure of ourselves when we are doing well financially, when we are engaged in tasks we are good at, and when we are in solid relationships with people we trust. On the other hand, our confidence wavers when we are trying to master a new skill, when we move or change jobs, or if our lives change in any other way.

Most of the time, we are able to resolve dips in our confidence. But from time to time, every part of an individual’s life is affected by lack of confidence. If you experience this, you may be unable to eat or sleep, and you may start to doubt your ability to perform even the tasks you are best at.

These far-reaching self esteem issues can result from mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression, but they can also arise from other things, including the following:

  • A history of negative feedback from parents, teachers or caregivers
  • Physical, mental or sexual abuse accompanied by the message that you are “not good enough”
  • Body image issues arising from social pressure to be “thin and beautiful”
  • Experiencing or witnessing trauma, such as military combat or assault
  • Job loss, bereavement, relocation and other major life events

Lack of confidence affects all of us differently. A certain level of anxiety can be expected, and will usually subside as the individual’s confidence is restored. However, if you are suffering from debilitating nervousness, insomnia, bad dreams or nightmares, a sharp decline in self-esteem, or avoidance of activities that you previously enjoyed, you may benefit from talking to one of our counsellors or therapists.

How Our Psychotherapists in Vaughan Can Help You

At InnerSight Psychotherapy, we genuinely care about our clients. We offer a soothing environment that is conducive to healing, and staff who are kind, approachable and empathetic. We believe that happiness is within everybody’s reach. If low confidence is interfering with your ability to live life to the full, please reach out to us and let us help you.

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