Alexandra Gusinsky

Registered Psychotherapist

Joy and happiness are birthrights of every single individual on the planet. However, we often find ourselves deprived of these emotions because of unhealed wounds from our past, false beliefs, unrealistic expectations and constant worry for our future. Alexandra Gusinsky assists clients who want to reclaim that universal right, by providing a space where clients can safely talk about themselves with freedom from judgement, guilt and shame. This space is crucial for creating a therapeutic relationship, and it allows us to explore who we are, bring awareness to existing patterns and create a positive transformation. It doesn’t mean that you will never feel upset, it only means that you will be liberated from the quest of finding fulfillment outside of you. Through a blend of Western psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioural thinking and Eastern wisdom, Alexandra equips clients with daily skills and tools that empower them.

This highly discreet and confidential therapy can benefit you if:

  • You experience anxiety and/or depression
  • You experience a sense of lost direction
  • You feel disempowered in your life
  • You struggle to achieve your goals
  • You need help in marital or familial problems
  • You want to be a better parent but don’t know how
  • You experience a sense of disconnect with yourself and/or others
Alexandra psychotherapist

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