Trauma Therapy Group for Couples

Healing Connections

Welcome to Healing Connections, a trauma-informed therapy group designed specifically for couples where one or both partners are struggling with symptoms of PTSD. 

Trauma and PTSD symptoms make life challenging for the individual but also have a profound impact on loved ones. If you are living in this situation, you often find yourself wondering about emotions. You understand why your partner is angry for instance, but the intensity is baffling. Or, you know why a situation is making them sad, but you wonder if they will ever feel happy again. You try your best to cheer them up, but it always makes things worse. 

This group offers a safe and understanding space where both partners will learn skills to help navigate the emotional highs and lows that arise in relationships and marriages from trauma.

Participants in Healing Connections will be offered opportunities to transform themselves and their relationship. Our group offers the following 

  • Evidence-based psychoeducation on attachment theory 
  • Scientific evidence from recent research on the brain and nervous system that provides a blueprint for healing individually and in partnerships 
  • Exercises and interventions to create conversations that resolve conflict 
  • Reflective tasks that deepen understanding of how trauma wounds both partners and how to heal together 

Take the first step towards deeper understanding and heightened empathy in your relationship. Your connection matters, and our trauma-informed therapists are here to guide you on the path to healing together. 


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