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What is Anger Management Counselling?

Anger finds its way into everyone’s life. It’s a healthy reaction that ensures our safety because it helps us set limits. Yet, in our culture, it is often frowned upon and when we don’t know how to manage it can get us into trouble. For some, it leads to legal problems and for others it creates physical issues such as a heart attack or high blood pressure.

Angry men are labelled macho and angry women are labelled unattractive. Many people don’t even know why they are angry because they are so afraid of being judged. They experience anger as anxiety because they are trying to hide their true self. The clinicians at Innersight Psychotherapy won’t judge you. We know that anger always has a good intention. We are also very skilled in teaching anger management.

Despite how uncomfortable anger makes people, it is one of the most common problems studied by psychological researchers today. That’s because it is so common. Imagine how friends of George Floyd are trying to cope. They are likely furious. Think of the people who protested in Ottawa and those who had to endure the chaos. Everyone is struggling with anger.

Anger is born in unhealthy relationships, in people who face long-term systemic oppression and even in people who witness war, atrocities or what is known as moral injury.

The first step in anger management counselling is to determine where your anger was born. The second step is to heal that wound and help you develop strategies for the future.

Some people want to participate in anger management classes and others need the privacy of one-on-one therapy. All of this can be sorted out in your initial assessment where true healing will begin with a compassionate witness.

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How Does Counselling Work for Anger Management?

There are many ways to counsel people who are experiencing too much anger. In fact, when it comes to anger management counselling there is quite a bit of arguing between the experts on what method works best.

The first step in anger management therapy with the practitioners at Innersight Psychotherapy is to do a full assessment. There may be an underlying health issue, or you may be in a relationship that is passive aggressive and you’ve finally had enough but don’t know how to leave. Maybe you lost your business during COVID and you’re terrified of the future but don’t like anyone to know you feel fear. Anger is a good cover.

The number of issues we discover looking for the original source of anger is endless. Clients find some of their anger dissipates when they understand what is driving this powerful emotion.

Why is Anger Management Counselling Important? 

People who are really angry are often the last one to recognize they need help. This is often when things have escalated to a terrifying extreme.

There are several recent cases right here in Canada. In a recent incident a man in Calgary became so angry in traffic he started shooting at the other driver, and that driver shot back! A mother of five children got caught in the crossfire and her minivan crashed. She was killed.

All of this could have been avoided if the man had recognized earlier that he needed anger management counselling to deal with his strong reactions.

In another incident, a 78-year-old man attacked a Muslim family after they unavoidably cut him off on a road heading into Moncton, N.B. The daughter filmed the man attacking her dad through the window. So, not only was he charged with assault which carries a criminal record, the incident in which he made racist remarks will now haunt him on social media for the rest of his life.

There are also hundreds of cases that aren’t documented so publicly because the consequences play out in family court. People struggling with anger often don’t feel much else and this is why they don’t realize the need for anger management therapy until it’s too late.

Who Uses Anger Management Counselling Services? 

Despite the fact that marriages and families break up because of uncontrolled anger, and the phenomenon of rage killing people on our highways, this issue is still often misdiagnosed. That’s because it is not classified as a disorder in the DSM-5 – the manual mental health experts rely on for direction.

This lack of data means it can be hard to get the right help. You may have heeded the typical warning signs and reached out but were told you’re depressed or anxious. If you believe your temper is getting out of control it is important to seek out a psychotherapist who specializes in anger management and anger management counselling.

Many clients report significant change in their behaviour after just 8 to 10 weeks of anger management therapy.

When to Seek Help for Anger Management Symptoms?

If you’re reading this article because of your own behaviour or because of things someone you love has done that is a pretty good indication. There are also what we call anger management symptoms listed below. If you can relate to even one of these you will benefit from seeing a professional trained in anger management counselling.

  • Are my friends and family “walking on eggshells” around me, being excessively careful with their words and actions, out of fear for my angry outbursts?
  • Have I been ordered by a court of law to take anger management classes?
  • Has my anger resulted in me physically harming someone or damaging property?
  • Does my anger make me feel afraid and out of control?
  • Have coworkers or classmates started avoiding me because of my anger?
  • Do little things tend to make me feel irrationally angry?

How Much Does Anger Management Cost? 

Anger management counselling varies among different practitioners but is usually between $125 to $175 per session. Many insurance plans cover the cost of anger management therapy but if they don’t there are many benefits you will gain from this work.

In clinical trials participants report noticing improvements in their relationships, feeling more empathy for others, decreases in depression and anxiety and in some cases, there were also significant reductions in physical health problems.

What is Innersight Psychotherapy’s process for working with clients who require anger management counselling?

Once you and your therapist find the source of your anger, you’ll devise a strategy together. All of our counselors keep up with all the latest research and we have a good sense of what works, but we also know that you are the best person to decide which method will work best.

That’s because you may be struggling but you still know yourself better than anyone. Your therapist will tell you exactly what intervention they are going to use to make sure you are comfortable. If you’re not, they will describe another technique. All of the methods we use are evidence-based meaning researchers have examined the results of the approach in random control trials. RCT’s are considered the gold standard in psychological research.

Our anger management counselling is offered right here in Vaughan and we also offer services online.

How Can Innersight Help You? 

If you have related to the material presented here and think you need anger management therapy then you are probably also having problems in your personal relationships and with colleagues. This is stressful and can make life very difficult. We can help.

If you are interested in anger management counselling in Vaughan, InnerSight Psychotherapy clinic is located in Maple, Ontario. We also offer online sessions.

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