Addiction Recovery Support Group

Path to Recovery is a therapy group designed for individuals struggling with substance or alcohol use disorder, or gambling addiction who have found community support groups to be overwhelming, unrelatable, and unsuitable because they felt lost or disconnected. 

We understand that finding the right support and guidance is crucial on your journey to recovery. Our group provides a welcoming environment where you can find your footing, make meaningful connections, and acquire the knowledge necessary to embark on a successful recovery program- even after leaving the group. 

Path to Recovery is an inclusive space created to promote acceptance and belonging. Our facilitators will also educate participants about recent research on the brain that reveals why addictions are so hard to understand and overcome. 

This group operates within a unique structure that revolves around the specific needs and experiences of its participants: We also provide: 

  • Enhanced support and connection from sharing challenges and triumphs
  • Comprehensive information and resources based on the latest research and evidence-based practices 
  • Encouragement to start new peer support groups based on individual needs, unique experiences and recovery goals 
  • Connections that promote long-term abstinence 

Path to Recovery is your place to find support and understanding. If you are interested, please send us an email at [email protected]

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