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Meet The InnerSight Psychotherapy Team -

Registered Psychotherapists in Vaughan, Ontario.

Welcome to InnerSight Psychotherapy Inc – where every story is heard, and every journey is respected. Our team is not just a group of therapists; we are guides, listeners, and unwavering supporters on your path to wellness.

Individuals • Families • Couples • Youth • Young Children

Each therapist at our clinic brings a unique set of skills and specialties to support a variety of issues with deep empathy and professionalism.

From the quiet struggles of the mind to the challenges faced by couples and families, our team’s expertise spans across the spectrum of psychotherapy. Youth and young children find a gentle hand to hold, helping them navigate their early complexities with care and understanding.

Commitment to Excellence: Accountability • Quality Assurance • Collaborative Care

At the heart of our clinic accountability and professional growth is not just a principle – it’s our practice. Monthly workshops and ongoing supervision ensure that our therapists are continuously honing their skills, so your healing is in the most capable hands.

Our collaborative approach ensures that your well-being is always the focus. We pool our knowledge, experiences, and compassion to tailor a care plan that fits your unique narrative, ensuring the best outcomes for you and your loved ones.

Accessibility for All: Reduced Fees • Supervised Young Therapists

We believe in making healing accessible. Our reduced fee option, offered by our fully supervised, younger therapists, opens doors for more individuals to receive the help they need. It’s quality therapy, within reach, for our community.

Continuity of Care: No Additional Intake • Transferable Files • Uninterrupted Support

Change can be daunting, but at InnerSight, it’s a smooth passage. If you feel the need to switch therapists for any reason, rest assured, your healing journey will continue seamlessly. With your consent, your file will be transferred, maintaining the continuity of your care without the burden of starting over. Because at InnerSight, we understand that nobody wants to start their therapy from scratch and the importance of every minute on the road to wellness.

Your Journey, Our Priority: Client Interest • Commitment • Connection

Your story deserves a listener who not only hears but understands. A journey of healing woven with threads of trust, dedication, and genuine connection. That’s what sets us apart. Your interests are our priorities, and our commitment to your well-being is as steadfast as the values we uphold.

We invite you to meet us. Together, let’s step forward where you are not just surviving, but thriving.

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