Racheli Bachar

Parenting Coaching

Racheli Bachar uses Art and Play to connect with children and their families. With more than 30 years experience teaching art at schools, Racheli has developed a coaching practice focused on healing family dynamics and restoring loving-kindness and connectedness between parents and children. By engaging in Racheli’s arts-based process, clients discover self-expression, appreciation and connection through difference, resulting in refreshed perspectives on interpersonal challenges. For families struggling with complex and overwhelming emotions, conflicting views, differences between generations, and other interruptions in parenting and childhood, Racheli Bachar offers a holistic approach to restore family balance.
 Parenting coaching is based on understanding children’s drawings. The session consists of two appointments: first one is a 45 min session with a child, followed by 45 min video-conferencing with a parent, where the coach will provide suggestions and feedback after her meeting with the child. Using art and play the goal is to understand a child’s needs and find creative solutions to enhance the CONNECTION between parents and children, which is the very foundation of parenting. Fee: $160 for two 45 min sessions

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